Wingshooting Hunts

Dove hunting

Uvalde, Texas is among the top dove hunting destinations in the United States. Surrounded by large farms that grow corn, milo, sunflowers and sesame on a commercial scale, huge flocks of white-wing and mourning doves populate this area year-round. Growing populations of collared doves in recent years have only added to the experience and fun of the hunt.

Dove Hunts at Monte Cruz Ranch cost $1,500 per hunter. Dove Hunts are three days/two nights and include all meals and lodging (alcohol is not included). Use of skeet range and game care is also included. Game care consists of each bird being cleaned, bagged, and labeled at the end of each hunt. Minimum of 10 hunters is required.

Quail Hunts

South and West Texas are among the last areas in the United States that wild bobwhite quail are still found in truly huntable size populations.

The Quail population on the ranch consists of two species, Bobwhite Quail and Scaled Quail, also called Blue Quail, and is usually about 60% blue quail and 40% bobwhites. This varies year to year depending on rain fall and nesting success.

Availability of our wild quail hunts are dependent upon our yearly rain fall totals. Call to check on the current conditions.

Quail Hunts at Monte Cruz Ranch cost $1,250 per hunter for a cowboy style hunt, or $1,650 for a traditional quail hunt over dogs. The hunt is for 3 days, and all meals, lodging, and guides are included. Use of skeet range and game care is also included.

Please visit the Wingshooting Gallery page to view recent harvests from Monte Cruz Ranch.

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